Lyme Township Zoning


Zoning Inspector

George Keller 419-217-0396

Zoning Commission

John Yingling  

Donald Richards

Jim Lepley

Michael Todd

Kyle Horn  

Bill Ruffing - Alt .  

Monica Carbary 419-271-8866

Zoning Appeals Board

Sally Norman  

Joseph Lepley 

Renae Targart 

Kevin Beier

Zachary Irons 

Mark McWilliams - Alt 

Monica Carbary 419-271-8866

Call Before you Build

If you’re planning to build a room addition or an outdoor home improvement project be sure to make a phone call first. The township Zoning Inspector can help you meet zoning code requirements, and avoid fines and other problems. The following are projects that require a zoning permit:  

  • Room addition
  • Garage
  • Deck 
  • Swimming pool (in-ground or above ground) 
  • Shed/ Farm Building
  • Any accessory structure 
  • Fence 

Before you build or remodel any structure on your property, be sure to contact Zoning Inspector.

Zoning Fees


Residential Building Permit and Garage/Porch/Storage Building:

          <100 Sq. Ft.  $  55.00

          >100 Sq. Ft.  55.00 plus $0.20/sq. ft.

Commercial Building Permit:  55.00 plus $0.25/sq. ft.

Industrial Building Permit:  .30/sq. ft.

Conditional Use Permit: 345.00/3-year period

Zoning Variance Request: 345.00

Zoning Reclassification Request: 460.00

Pool Permit:  65.00

Sign Permit:  70.00

Communications Tower/Wind Turbine – 

Support Structure:  .40/sq. ft.

Communications Tower/Wind Turbine:  4.00/ft. of height

Lot Split:  75.00 

Zoning Resolution

Click on a file to download.